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monster legends

Monster Legends is a free browser game of collectible monsters playable on Facebook and developed by Social Point, the third-largest company that produces games on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg from 2008.

At first glance, Monster Legends reminds us (and how could it not to) the much-loved collectible creatures Nintendo video game designer in the years 90, and give you a hint, beginning with the letter “P” … well, someone on the web has even wanted to fool around on the similarity between the two games, buckling to Monster Legends the motto “Gotta breed ’em all” instead of “Gotta catch ‘ em all” , phrase pleasant surprise considering that the gameplay of this title is more focused on breeding and mating of over 120 monsters while the part devoted to combat, quests and dungeon seems to spend almost of secondary importance.

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In Monster Legends the main objective is to hatch eggs, breed and grow monsters which will then be used in combat and in the missions to retrieve the gems. As gameplay we could place somewhere between a collectible and simulation, since, to create the right conditions so that our animals grow up healthy and strong have to worry to provide them with a welcoming environment, that is, build a very specific habitat type that reflects its characteristics, as well as to produce food to feed them.

There are 8 common habitat and a legendary. All 122 monsters, since their infancy (and that is when they are small eggs), have at least a basic element and four stat: hit points, speed, stamina and strength. Apart from these features, have two basic attacks and a series of shots that you unlock progressively with training and leveling, by the Group 1 to group 3.

There are several categories of monsters: common, uncommon, rare R C UC, epic, and legendary. Those municipalities possess a single natural element, while all the others have two. Elements combine in various ways and make our pets more or less vulnerable to other elements. A Thundenix of fire and electricity, for example, will be more sensitive to attack by water and land, but will resist the blows with his own elements. The monsters develop and evolve, but look at that, just like the Pokemon: at level 0 are eggs, liv. 1-3 puppies, liv. 4-14 young monsters and finally liv. 15-75 adults.

For thickening the ranks of our army/breeding of monsters we can buy many extras with gems (obtainable in quests and dungeons or in Exchange for real money), and this is definitely the fastest, or dedicate ourselves laboriously mating operations with any luck will generate quite a monster. In fact, on the web are genuine manuals coupled with helpful tips to hatch the strongest monsters, which are usually the epic and legendary.

Of course by using theĀ Monster Legends Hack generator that easiest and safest way to generate a legendary monster is to mate two epic, but if you take a look around on the web and on the Trek itself of Monster Legends you will find some useful advice in this regard. For example, it seems that by completing the first 10 campaigns fighting and after defeating Firekong, you receive as a gift the first monster epic, Scorchpeg. The pair does not provide any particular rite, you just place the two animals on the same pasture and let nature take its course.


Monster Legends is a fun social game clearly and unabashedly inspired by the world of Pokemon, but the whole gameplay is set up for the breeding of monsters, with the eggs hatching and coupling of two species. Of course they could make things more realistic by dividing the animals into males and females, but basically it’s a game of fantasy and scientific mistake is forgiven! PvP arena battles and dungeons also serve to level the monster, but mostly they are tackles to get the gems and buy other monsters.

From a graphical point of view, Monster Legends is certainly a prestigious title, suffice it to observe hundreds of customizations, but eventually perhaps, the gameplay is slightly too steamed up and limited to that part of the collection.

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