Taking care of the radiator to stay maximal

As we know that Mobil is one of the vehicles favored by the people of Indonesia. For reasons why choosing a mobi varies, such as being able to bring a traveling family, security and comfort when facing unpredictable weather like rain.

However, having a car must also do maintenance, it is so that the performance of the car can be maximal both in terms of the body remains attractive and the engine awake. Car Components also require regular maintenance, so Car components can work according to their needs and duties smoothly. One of the components that needs to be taken care of is the Car Radiator.

Car Radiators are a major component of the Mobil engine cooling system by using water as mediation. So with the functionality that when working properly would be the car engine will remain in cold conditions are not too hot. Keep in mind when excess engine temperatures due to damaged radiators can cause Overheat Car engine.

By looking at it it is certainly important to take care of the car radiator properly. This time aeliberation.com will provide information on car radiator maintenance that you can do and as additional information.

Easy way to care for car radiator to stay maximal
Volume is less not always because there is a leak

When the temperature is high, then inside the radiator will also arise high pressure. It can press on the radiator cap, the excess pressure is channeled to the reservoir. Therefore, in the radiator system will arise vacuum.begitu also contrary, if the engine pressure turu, then the vacuum can suck the water back to the radiator again. With it do not panic immediately when the volume of water decreases when the engine works.

For safe limits the volume of water in the car radiator is in the middle of the low and full indicator.
Do not use tap water

Water in the radiator serves as a cooling machine, in addition to other functions is to prevent the occurrence of rust. So do not use tap water or mineral water that can be used to fill the car radiator. It is very high risk because the iron content in tap water is very high and can even trigger the occurrence of corrosion. also read: Most Expensive Lamborghini

So when using mineral water or tap water will shorten the life of the car radiator component. In order not to do so, it is advisable to use a special liquid radiator coolant.
Drain radiator water

Dewatering radiator is necessary. For the time of drain radiator Car different, you can see it in the manuals that come included when buying a Car. For example Avanza car and kijang innova that the turn is done 160 thousand kilometers for the first and the second interval in the number 80 kilometers.
Choosing the right radiator coolant

Many sold in the market of radiator coolant products, but it is better to use the suggested by the manufacturer. This is because when the engine is hot, the radiator water will do its job and chemical reactions occur. So if the water radiator is not suitable then it can cause the sediment. Not only that, the sediment that occurs can cause the occurrence of porous, brittle and blockage of radiator cells. also visit: http://www.2016lamborghini.us/best-lamborghini-engine-2017-see/

Close the radiator

Do not underestimate any part of this radiator. When you finish adding the radiator water, make sure the radiator holding tank is tightly closed. That way the radiator coolant does not come out when the engine temperature is hot. In addition, check the radiator working system that includes the lid, reservoir, hose and others.

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