Best Winter 2018 Makeup Trends to Get the Runway Look

Makeup trends winter 2018 can be said to be the perfect ones to try on in order to get runway look. Moreover, some of the trends are already approved by not only fashion designers and professional makeup artists, but also some famous fashion and lifestyle magazines that we usually look for in order to gain inspirations about how to get runway look. If by any chance you are interested in knowing about what the makeup trends are, here are 3 trends that will be popular for makeup in winter 2018 that we quoted from

The Use of Temporary Tattoo
The first example of makeup trends winter 2018 is the use of temporary tattoo as a part of face makeup. If you want to follow this trend in order to look different as well as rebellious, you need to know that not all face tattoos can be used here. The trend is actually limited only in the use of tiny temporary tattoo with trending shape, such as arrow, star, feather, and some others.

These tiny temporary tattoos are usually placed on the outer corner of eyes or on the upper cheeks. Even the trend is meant for 2018, it is started to be introduced in the world’s runways this time. Another suggestion you also need to follow is that when you wear the temporary tattoo, you should avoid wearing heavy makeup so the tattoos can be the most prominent things to be paid attention to from your appearance.

Darker Colors for Your Lips
The next winter 2018 trend you also need to follow is the trend of using darker color for your lips. The best dark lips colors to pick for this trend, which has actually been introduced since fall 2017, are deep black, dark plum, and also Bordeaux. If by any chance your skin is pale, the lips colors can work even better in creating dramatic look which is simply beautiful.

The Shades of Orange
The last but not least example of makeup trends winter 2018, which is as a matter of fact also a part of fall 2017 makeup trend, is the use of orange shades as face decorations. In this case, there are some best shades you need to consider the most especially because of the fresh look these can create. Those shades are mandarin, coral, and apricot. These shades factually also have that warm impression and that is also the reason why these are perfect to wear during the chilly season.

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