Rusia 2018 World Cup Referees

It’s all about time FIFA begins using replay in soccer games, why is it that teams who’ve worked so difficult to make it into the World Cup at¬†transtv¬†should suffer due to a bad choice of a referee? Why is it that lovers who invest as much time and cash to see their favourite team should endure because a referee would like to be the focus of their match?

The afternoon began with a dreadful telephone to disallow Frank Lampard’s perfectly valid purpose, I personally did not even had to find the replay to understand the ball was behind the target line. And in the next match of the afternoon, Carlos Teves was offside when he scored the initial Argentina goal.

I really don’t know FIFA’s rationale stating that mistakes are part of the sport, OK now that we have established why don’t you remove this portion of the match? Since it’s a negative area of the sport, and technologies enables us to achieve that?

And as for people saying it is going to kill the flow of the match, here is a compromise every team will get 3 calls to challenge a referee’s conclusion, 3! No longer. The dispute will be assessed on a T.V on the sideline from the referee and if your call has to be shifted so be it. Fair enough do not you think?

Fake injuries! (did someone say Christiano Ronaldo?)) Therefore, dear FIFA administrators, please cease creating referees mistakes part of the superb game!

The group was directed to the championship by Dutch trainer- Clemence Westerhof who had previously headed the Super Eagles to raising the African Nations Cup in Tunisia the same calendar year.

Expectation from soccer loving Nigerians was about the increase as the championship brought close, and Nigeria didn’t disappoint if the tournament finally kicked-off.