New Lexus NX 300 2017

Lexus NX 300 luxury SUV car was released at Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2017 last August. The car is apparently not ready to enter the consumer garage.

Around January said General Manager of Lexus Indonesia, Adrian Tirtadjaja, consumers can already feel this luxury SUV.

“In the beginning of next year right, NX minor change in January is just starting the actual delivery to Indonesia, we are launching fit in GIIAS 2017, but we start sending it in January,” he said in Jakarta.Lexus NX 300 2017

So Lexus products in this five-seater SUV segment said Adrian, is quite a lot of waiting. “So indeed next year even NX already have customers who have ngantre,” he said. Also read: Lexus NX 2017 Price and Details

Previously Adrian said that the number of consumers who have ordered products from Japan has reached 50 units. NX 300 carrying a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-line engine that can generate power up to 235 horsepower, and priced at Rp 1.020 billion.

On the exterior, the changes experienced by the NX 300 include the opening feature of the trunk door with kick sensor, sequential turning lamps, Infotainment System touch screen which is now wider size 10.3 inches, and wheels of 18 inches.

For type Lexus NX 300 Luxury has now been equipped with electric seat reclining, panoramic view camera, and blind spot monitors previously owned only by type F Sport. While the new features of the NX 300 F Sport is now equipped with color head-up display and Adaptive Variable Suspension that can adjust the suspension level of driving in accordance with the selected driving mode (eco-normal-sport-sport +). visit: